Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Serious bargains!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and is feeling slightly fatter than they did this time last week! I certainly am! Spent the week reading books, watching films, eating roast dinners... lovely! I've ventured out into the sales a few times since Christmas and got some brilliant bargains... but today... the sale room at Stamp Addicts opened.

I hadn't been to a sale there before, as I only found out it existed fairly recently. I find that the shop is a little too expensive for my very ' thrifty' taste, but I do like to have a wander around and occasionally buy a few of the cheaper clear stamps..

Well the sale room is a whole other place entirely. I was much too well behaved today and may have to return tomorrow to spend some more!

5 jars of Distress Embossing powder and 4 jars of Distress Crackle paint for £1 each - unbelievable! I think I need to go back and buy the rest of the colours, what a mug for not picking them all up today!

Also bought 3 wooden stamps for £1 each (again, why did i not grab more?! there were so many!!! too many to think straight!) and a set of clear stamps for 80p.

I'm also waiting for delivery of a load of really cheap embellishments and a few new dies from Craft Superstore. Maybe they'll come tomorrow?! I never seem to have much luck with delivery from them.

Think I'll settle down to make some cards with my new toys now - feeling very pleased with myself!!!

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