Thursday, 15 December 2011

Cutting CDs with sizzix bigshot... is a bad idea!

In work yesterday, some colleagues were having a clear out and one of the things they were getting rid of was a stack of CDs. I asked to have them, as I have great memories of creating things out of CDs as a child.

So I got home and thought... CDs would make great jewellery. How about cutting it in the big shot? I looked it up online as I had some doubts about how sensible it was to try it... but didn't find anything online to say yes or no... So instead of giving up, I figured - why not give it a go???

Bit stupid really.

I used a sizzix originals die, thinking that they were the most sturdy, and deliberately picked my least favourite in case it didn't work out!

It sort of worked. But I didn't go the whole way through the machine, as it got to a point where it was clearly not going any further. I have already bent my acrylic mats completely out of shape so it does some odd things in terms of the amount of pressure it applies to each part of the paper!

When I took the top acrylic mat off, the whole die bounced out and pieces of broken CD (very sharp!) went disappearing everywhere - oops. The shapes did cut (at least where I had managed to get it through the machine) but some were stuck inside the die.

So my verdict is... bad idea. Although look how great the bit that worked came out - imagine a bit of alcohol ink on there and it would be awesome. I wonder if any of the other die cutting platforms are able to cut through CDs without very nearly breaking???


  1. I'm impressed at your daring - but I shall learn from your wisdom and experience and NOT try this at home!

  2. Ouch, good thing the Big Shot survived though you must have had fun cleaning up all those CD shards! How about trying to cut CD with a glass cutting tool, you could make swirly shapes etc, you would have to sand the edges though as they would end up rather sharp... good luck with your project!