Friday, 26 August 2011

Hello :)

So, my first blog post... well I guess I'll bore you with a few details about me! I'm married to a fabulous guy who doesn't mind me asking him 100 times a night "do you think that flower is central?" or "which colour would look better?" I live in a tiny tiny flat which barely holds all our stuff, and so all of my card making is done on a tiny patch of floor! I've recently bought a Big Shot and there is soooooo much to use it for - I am in love! But my bank balance can't keep up with all the things I want to buy!

I make cards purely for fun. Most of them I make with a purpose in mind, but occasionally I do make them for no real reason. I don't tend to think they come out so nice if they don't have a place to go to though! I do a very stressful and emotionally demanding job, which most of the time I love, but often when I get home I just want to lose myself - I find card-making has the exact right balance of needing to concentrate but not taking too much brain power! It is also lovely to end up with something beautiful to remind you the world can be a good place!

I'll probably do a bunch of posts today, to get some of the cards I've made previously up..

So here's the first ones... Brown one was made for one of my best friends who goes to Barcelona on Tuesday, and is hoping not to return!

I love to make cards on the recycled brown cardstock, it gives a lovely rustic feel. Embellishments all bought cheaply in local shops, and small flower embossed on the corner, rubbed over with fluid chalk. Finally, finished with a few adhesive gems :)

This one is a very similar style, but finished with an embossed "Thank you". It has no home to go to as yet!

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  1. What's not to like about pretty floral cards? Lovely. A lot of us crafters use our card making for therapy! You're not alone! x