Friday, 11 May 2012

Why re-invent the wheel??

Today's card has been 100% copied (or CASEd if you like) from something I saw here online. I loved it, and thought - why reinvent the wheel? I love pretty much of all of the card designs on that pinterest site, to be honest!

This one will be going in a box ready for my 8 year old brother-in-laws birthday later in the year. I may make one the same for my nephew, and I'm thinking about how to make it a bit more girly for some of the little girls in my life!

I'm not going to enter it into any challenges, because I don't truly think I can claim this to be 'my work'. Huge kudos to whoever made this first, I know i've seen loads of versions of it around the internet :)


  1. It`s a fantastic Case M, one of those " I wish I`d thought of that " cards.
    Lynne xxx

  2. What a fun card M! I've seen this design too but as a halloween card. Vicky x

  3. You've executed it well and it is a super fun card. x