Monday, 25 June 2012


This card was inspired in a roundabout way by Julia's card which was a very deserving win at the Stamp Man! Julia made her amazing card using metal tape. I am desperate to get some (look at Julia's blog and you too will need some in your life!), but things have been so hectic that I just haven't gotten round to it. In a vain hope that hubby might have some, I rifled through his toolbox. No metal tape.. but lots of bright coloured electrical tape..

And this was the outcome! It's lovely stuff to work with - really stretchy and flexible, and not too sticky so easy to get into the right position.

Still need to get some metal tape, the possibilities are endless!!!

Entering this into the Pan Pastels - Anything Goes challenge.


  1. Very striking - the tape looks great embossed. Elizabeth

  2. Such a cool card. That reminds me that I think I have electrical tape because my daughter uses it to keep her shin guards up. I never thought of swiping it and using it for cards--but this look is great.

  3. I love this! It's bright and fun and I love the texture. Vicky x

  4. What an amazing technique, and clever you finding this fab. crafting material in your hubby's tool-box - well done!! The vibrant colour choice is superb and I love the embossed pattern!
    Sylvia x

  5. This card is even cooler now that I know it's made with electrical tape! Genius! Unfortunately my other half only has some boring white PTFE tape, I guess I could do something with it?!

    Love this though :)

  6. Wow! Thats brilliant! I would never have guessed it was electrical tape! Xxx