Saturday, 14 April 2012


Once you find a layout you like, might as well stick with it eh???

The second one was originally made with last week's Less Is More - three shades of green in mind... but there was so little green that I decided not to bother entering it!

And another style I've been enjoying... is it obvious that I just got a circle punch???

Hope you're all well! Welcome to my newest follower :)
M x


  1. Great layouts M, love the simplicity of your designs. You don't say so but is your last card embossed? It's is very effective and elegant.

    Have a great evening, Rach x

  2. Hi M

    Loving your latest projects.

    The circles with the hearts is of course my favourite LOL!! That would be a great idea for Valentines next year.

    Your question wasn't silly M. I actually stuck the black on the white .. .. so that the black was raised a little like a jacket would be. But there is nothing stopping you doing it the other way round.

    Have a lovely Sunday.

    Love Jules xx

  3. Hi M, Thanks for your comment, how did you find me? I'm quite new to all this blogging melarky and haven't got into following much myself but thank you for following me. I think you are putting your circle punch to good use. How about joining in our Yahoo group UKPC, link is on my blog. BJ

  4. Very pretty cards and did you know that 3 is a magic number? If a formula works then stick to it!

  5. These are lovely M! I'm a big fan of the 'group of three images' kind of layout and yours are beautifully understated. The other cards are really striking too - is that silver embossing? Vicky x

    Had to giggle at your comment about getting married in a green dress... it was only unlucky in the 19th century - honest (unless yours had arsenic in it?!)